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    Poker Rags was founded by DGAF and his boy in 2017. They made a bunch of Straddle? shirts right before the WSOP... just to get people to straddle. After the 2017 WSOP, DGAF's boy made a bunch of No Gamble No Future shirts, mainly because he had grown tired of explaining to nits why he goes all in with draws and busts their Aces! The shirts were such a hit in the Las Vegas poker community (and in bars) that the two degens made a bunch of Straddle. shirts and started building a website...

    Although the Las Vegas poker community continued to rave about the shirts, Poker Rags didn't really go anywhere (starting a business is hard it turns out)...

    Then suddenly a fire was lit under DGAF. He bought out his boy (who honestly wins too much money in poker to need a side business), poured a ton of money into the company, started working on it obsessively, hired designers from all over the world, had a new website built, changed the business model to print on demand (to accommodate his infinite ideas), and finally opened it (as a Soft Opening) on January 20, 2019.

    If you have read DGAF's 2k Thread or listened to his podcast, (DGAF's Poker) Sessions, you know that he firmly believes the best way to win money long-term in poker is to be good for the game in all the ways you can. His clothing company, Poker Rags, is an extension of that belief. All clothes are designed to make people smile and to encourage gambling--and to never intimidate those you want to keep playing (duh). Everything for sale is insanely comfortable too--just in case you need to play all night.