Sessions - Season 1

Brand new to podcasting, DGAF had a designer in the Philippines make these simple but sleek designs. He wanted both designs printed in orange only, to pay homage to the Offspring album, Ignition, which inspired the name for his poker podcast and got the ball rolling...

One day, DGAF was driving his trusty old Lexus from Las Vegas to San Diego, listening to his iPod on shuffle with the prospect of making an impossible comeback in poker weighing heavily on his mind. He had just started a mental health podcast, Solicited Advice Podcast with his friend, Dr. David Naimark and he was contemplating starting another podcast to document his impossible journey.

And then the song Session came on.

It clicked for DGAF. Start a second podcast. Make it a poker podcast documenting your 3rd rise (even if it was going to be impossible, he had to try). Call it Sessions.

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